Eighth Saudi Engineering Conference: Engineering Towards Globalization

November 17, 2010
In the past century, engineering recorded its grandest accomplishments. The widespread development and distribution of electricity and clean water, automobiles and airplanes, radio and television, spacecraft and lasers, antibiotics and medical imaging, and computers and the Internet are just some of the highlights from a century in which engineering revolutionized and improved virtually every aspect of human life. Through these engineering accomplishments, the world has become smaller, more inclusive, and formidable as any from millennia past. As the population grows and its needs and desires expand, the problem of sustaining civilization’s continuing advancement, while still improving the quality of life, looms more immediate. This gives rise to and coined the globalization concept which dominates the pillars of the 8th Saudi Engineering Conference.

One might say that science does not truly exist until it is published, at which time the publication becomes a public commodity. The exchange of information through conferences and seminars are essential part of doing science, a public good, and, for some, a moral imperative. It is important, then, that scientific conferences are frequently held in order to discuss recent advances and innovations.

Upon the approval of his Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Qassim University is pleased to invite you to attend the Eighth Saudi Engineering Conference (SEC-8th) to be held at the College of Engineering. The conference aims at providing a forum for academicians, scientists, researchers, designers, professional engineers, engineering students, and decision makers to meet and discuss the recent advances and development in the engineering practice. Moreover, the SEC-8th represents a chance for theses groups to share ideas and innovations about current and future globalization challenges.
Important Dates

    * Last day of full paper submission : 30 Dec 2010
    * Notification of paper acceptance: 30 April 2011
    * Last day of the final paper submission : 30 June 2011
    * Date of conference: Sat. 10 Dec 2011 (15 Muharam 1433)

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