UNDP is looking for a Climate Change Adaptation Consultant

April 28, 2015

Location : Home Based with Possible Travels to Different Countries in Africa
Application Deadline : 05-May-15
Type of Contract : Individual Contract
Post Level : International Consultant
Languages Required :
English   French  
Duration of Initial Contract : 11 May 2015- 25 April 2016 (up to 180 working days)

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Duties and Responsibilities


The consultant will provide technical assistance to the client UNDP country offices on the implementation of their UNDAF and CPD initiatives related to Climate Change Adaptation and Water and Oceans. The consultant will support UNDP staff with resource mobilization efforts in line with country priorities and donor requirements. The consultant will have regular contact with country offices and national counterparts regarding monitoring of UNDP Climate Change Adaptation and W&O programmes and projects. The consultant will make recommendations to a UNDP-GEF Regional Technical Advisor on necessary courses of action in response to changes in the country context and new programme and resource mobilization opportunities.

Scope of Work

The consultant will be primarily responsible for providing high quality technical, policy, programming implementation support, as well as knowledge and capacity development services, to UNDP country offices and client countries. S/he will work with UN agencies, governments, inter-governmental organizations, NGO’s, donors, and the private sector in accordance with UNDP’s key results as outlined in the corporate strategy. This will be undertaken in full compliance with UNDP’s Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures including on gender, environmental safeguards, etc.Specifically the consultant will be expected to deliver results in the areas of:

  • Innovation, Strategic Leadership, Dialogue and Advocacy:
  • Contributing to identifying strategic policy development support and guidance;
  • Supporting the development of strategic UNDP policy position papers and internal briefing notes;
  • Supporting the development of specific policy analysis and development tools and guidance;
  • Keep the Regional Practice/Team Leader and other RTSs informed of trends and issues with respect to their substantive technical area; and
  • Keep the Principal/Senior Technical Advisors informed of trends and issues in the countries served;
  • Strengthen strategic understanding of the substantive technical issues, institutions, and processes of relevance to NAPs within the countries supported, including establishing contact and developing strategic partnerships with other agencies, NGOs, donors, etc., as they relate to advancing NAP processes;
  • Provide technical and advisory support in country on the national adaptation plan process.
Portfolio Management:
  • Maintain programme/project and portfolio information in UNDP-GEF’s internal portfolio information databases;
  • Strengthen relationships between those involved in project development, external contractors, government agencies and UNDP country offices;
  • Facilitate the identification, and sourcing of technical expertise and support including the preparation of TORs, identification and evaluation of experts and reviewing reports, and promoting gender equality;
  • Guide country level consultations and conducting and/or reviewing stocktaking, gap analyses of key institutions to fully embark on medium to long-term planning and budgeting for adaptation aligned to national development priorities.

Resource Mobilization:

  • Support programme and project identification and development;
  • Provide timely quality information and technical advice on source of funds policies, priorities and activities;
  • Identify priorities and entry-points for UNDP assistance;
  • Facilitate the process of preparation, design, submission and approval of programme/project concepts and full-fledged proposals for financing;
  • Identify and source technical expertise and support including assisting with the preparation of TORs, identification and evaluation of experts and reviewing reports; and
  • Facilitate relationships with potential financing agencies and institutions.

Development Impact:

  • Assist with inception, contracting and start-up of programmes/projects including establishment of indicators, benchmarks and work plans;
  • Support UNDP country offices and programme/project implementation partners in supervision, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, troubleshooting and adaptive management;
  • Maintain high quality of the programme’s implementation delivery, monitoring of results, and reporting requirements to the donors;
  • Support UNDP Country Offices with liaising with national partners on NAP-related issues;
  • Identify and source technical expertise and support including assisting with the preparation of Term of References, identification and evaluation of experts and reviewing reports.

Learning, Knowledge Management and communication:

  • Evaluate, capturing, codifying, synthesizing lessons and stimulating the uptake of best practices and knowledge, including the development of resource kits and other knowledge materials;
  • Peer review, comment on, and seek to improve, the technical quality of programmes/projects, policies, practices, guidelines, advisory notes, publications and the like;
  • Support the preparation and delivery of training courses on National Adaptation Plans;
  • Respond to queries on programme/project progress, impacts and lessons.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:

New strategic opportunities for UNDP are realized, UNDP’s technical focus is leading edge and innovative, UNDP has strong partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, UNDP has a trusted leadership role in the technical area of expertise.
  • Strategic policy guidance and support, including 2 draft policy papers on (a) opportunities for scaling up private sector engagement on adaptation and (b) mainstreaming climate change into planning and budgeting;
  • Key technical support on programme implementation for climate change adaptation delivered, including quality of advice to the CO on technical issues.

Portfolio of programmes/projects managed efficiently and effectively. UNDP recognized as providing outstanding programme and project oversight and supervision support.

  • 10 PIRs delivered including the coordination with various actors (project manager, UNDP country office focal point);
  • Ensure all important documents are entered in PIMS (via PA support if necessary).

Technical expertise and support including designing TORs, identification and selection of experts and contract management. Resources are mobilized in support of developing country clients as a consequence of the identification, development and funding of high technical quality and results based programmes and projects in line with country priorities and UNDP strategic priorities

  • 6 PIF review sheets addressed and followed through to approval;
  • 6 project documents managed and supported through to approval;
  • Facilitate communication with financing agencies through the PTA.

UNDP programmes and projects consistently deliver high quality, high impact development results:

  • Inception workshops and project supported in their launching phase;
  • Support UNDP country offices with M&E, adaptive management, and evidence based learning;
  • Technical support to UNDP country offices for high quality reporting to donors.
4 Stock taking reports from NAP related missions.

6 NAP-GSP country support missions conducted satisfactorily For each mission the following deliverables will be expected:

Pre-Mission Deliverables (Products/Services):

  • Interview guideline for the stakeholder meetings with ministries that includes key questions for sector ministries and Planning and Finance ministries;
  • Draft Agenda for 1 day or 2 day work-shop on the NAP process in-country modifying materials developed in the NAP-GSP regional trainings;
  • Preparation of briefing power-point on the NAP process using existing NAP-GSP and LEG materials.

In country Deliverables (Products/Services):

  • Facilitation of the 1 or 2 day work-shop on the NAP process including briefing on the NAP process using materials prepared in advance of the mission;
  • A debriefing power-point prepared on the results of the mission summarizing the methodology used, main findings of the stock-taking, indicative directions of the road-map and next steps. Needed in both English and French. Debriefing done to all stakeholders in a single session and feedback recorded;
  • Draft outline of the mission report with roles and responsibilities. Draft outline of road-map for the NAP process. These are required in both English and French.

Post- mission Deliverables (Products/Services):

  • A draft NAP Process related Stocktaking Report for each country in French including a suggested road-map for the NAP process as per an outline agreed with the NAP GSP team;
  • A finalized NAP Process related Stocktaking Report for each country including Road-Map for the NAP process taking into account comments from other NAP-GSP partners. The final reports will need to be in English as well as French (2 reports).


To apply for this position, please click here

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